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Jira Service Desk for Non-Technical Teams


Last week Atlassian announced a shift in Jira Service Desk to further support non-IT teams and business divisions, increasing JSD’s flexibility when deployed with a customer. Specifically targeting HR, Legal and Facilities groups, Atlassian added out-of-the-box templates for JSD Next-Gen projects. Templates include request types that are tailored to a specific business unit with workflows […]

The Soft Skills of Governance


The Constitutional Convention of the United States was a protracted affair for good reason: planning and implementing governance is hard. When separate parties have competing agendas, compromise becomes the only way forward. And when tempers and fears grow, sometimes compromise becomes more of a personal challenge than a professional one. As with countries, companies are […]

Building Good Governance to support Atlassian Enterprise Growth


Summary Good governance of Atlassian products will ensure controlled scalability, visible change management, and open knowledge sharing across the entire enterprise. Broadly speaking, Enterprise Governance is a structure critical for promoting the best balance between company goals with company growth. Specifically, those Enterprises that depend on Atlassian tools must be versatile and prepared for growth. […]

The 3 Phases of Proper Agile Transformation


Summary As agile coaches and Atlassian Partners, we’ve helped companies of all sizes across varying industries successfully adopt and become agile. Agile is no longer reserved for fast-moving software development teams: Business units, C-level executives, and even military operations are all aspiring to become agile and more responsive so they can stay competitive in a […]