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Cup O’ Links


Hope everyone is having a great week!  Below you’ll find a JIRA “Cup O’ Links,”  a few helpful links to articles that answer some common questions and problems users face with JIRA. JIRA in a Nutshell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrCJv0fTyR8 JIRA Test Case Management https://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=117832&type=member&item=5938625575680765955&trk=groups_items_see_more-0-b-ttl Creating Help for a Custom Field https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Creating+Help+for+a+Custom+Field JIRA: to Close or to Resolve? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4718471/jira-to-close-or-to-resolve […]