How To Create a Wallboard

Wallboard Screenshot

What is a Wallboard?

A Wallboard displays imperative data about the headway of the team. Wallboards are large, distinguishable, and easily understood for anyone passing by.  Not unlike a scoreboard for a football game.

Classic Wallboards are made of paper, poster board, or sticky notes put on a wall. However, Electronic Wallboards assure that employees check back regularly since they are very efficient and update automatically with real-time data.

An example of a Wallboard is shown below:

Wallboard ScreenshotSetting Up A Wallboard

A Wallboard can have many different layouts.  Test the different layouts to decide which best coordinates with your needs.

  1. Create a dashboard <>.
  2. Navigate to the dashboard you just created and select the box ‘Add Gadget’. The Gadget Directory box will be displayed.
  3. On the left-hand panel of the dialog box, select the ‘Wallboard’ category. This will display gadgets that are only Wallboard-capable.  You can use other gadgets not listed in the ‘Wallboard’ category, however some features will be unavailable and will be styled in a ‘best efforts’ manner.
  4. Select the gadgets you wish to display on your dashboard and configure them.
  5. Select the ‘Tools’ button and click ‘View as Wallboard’.

Configuring Multiple Dashboards as a Wallboard Slideshow

  1. Create and configure your new dashboard to display as a Wallboard (as shown above).
  2. Select one of the dashboards and click the ‘Tools’ button, then click ‘Set Up Wallboard Slideshow’.
  3. Select the various dashboards you would like to include in the Wallboard, as well as any display options you wish to show, then select ‘Done’.
  4. Select ‘Tools’, then click ‘View Wallboard Slideshow’ to display your new Wallboard Slideshow.


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