Navigation Basics

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Default screen – Upon successful login, you are presented with your default dashboard.

Navigation bar – The navigation bar at the top of the screen is the same every screen. It contains links to quickly access JIRA’s most useful functions.

Dashboard – By default, when you log in, JIRA takes you to the system dashboard. The JIRA dashboard shows various kinds of data, such as the status of open issues or the progress of a project.  You can customize a dashboard, or many dashboards, to show exactly the information that is helpful for you. Dashboards can be used by individuals or shared by entire teams.

Projects – A Project is a single initiative with a specific goal in mind.  The following are all examples of projects:

  • A software development project (e.g., a new application)
  • A marketing campaign
  • A helpdesk system
  • A leave-request management system
  • A website-enhancement request system

Clicking the ‘Projects’ button shows your current project in addition to the projects you have recently viewed. Use this button to view the project summary, and drill down to selected parts.

Issues – Every project consists of individual action items called issues.  Issue scan define things like bugs, support tickets, features, and tasks.  For example, in a software project, one issue might be a bug fix and another might be a new feature request.

By resolving issues, you move a project through to completion.

Clicking the ‘Issues’ button produces a list of recently viewed issues and favorite filters.

Quick Search – Use this to search for an issue, user, or project. Jump straight to a specific issue by entering the key.

Create – Use this to create a new issue for any project


Navigate by Project

Project Summary  (Select a Project from the Project DropDown on the Navigation Bar)

Information on this page includes:

  • Recent activity in the project
  • A change log for project issues
  • Project reports
  • Much more

Note that while a dashboard can display information for multiple projects (or even for an entire company), a summary page shows only information for a single project.

Project Issues (Select Issues from the Sidebar of the Project Summary)

Project issues overview shows a summary of all issues in a project grouped by status. You can also group by all unresolved issues, assignee, priority, version and component.


Navigate by Issues

Issue Navigator (Issue DropDown Menu from Navigation Bar)

Search for and filter issues. Create and share filters or view recent and favorite filters.


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