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Enterprise scaling simplified

StackBlitz Enterprise enables on-demand growth of your IT organization and performance you won't believe.


Ahead of the growth curve

StackBlitz's innovative approach to creating developer environments supports "just in time" growth of your development teams

Whether adding 1 or 500 developers to your team, equipping them with the right tools is time-consuming. StackBlitz eliminates the gap between new-hire and productive. Whether using VMs or managing administrative rights, any computer on the VPN can run StackBlitz, transforming Google Chrome into an integrated development environment (IDE). StackBlitz's browser-based design scales effortlessly, eliminating the need to anticipate server capacity.

Installs behind your firewall with "zero footprint"

No Virtual Machines
No server provisioning
No containers required
No additional licensing

Develop like a startup

Lightning fast performance with all the security your organization provides and expects

The browser-based IDE obsoletes the need for sluggish file scanning resulting in faster development builds. StackBlitz's proprietary npm integration automatically handles development dependencies targeting only the files required and works with your internal npm repositories.

Empowering teams to create value quickly

More than 5X faster development builds via StackBlitz's browser-based design
Effortless collaboration with environment sharing via URL
Consistent development environments obsoletes the phrase, "works on my machine"

Spark innovation through fast iterations

StackBlitz wraps Visual Studio Code making it easy for developers to use, but it's more than just an IDE. Born for teams who value accelerated learning, StackBlitz was designed for innovation enabling both rapid prototyping and effortless collaboration.

Hosted your way

The power of StackBlitz behind your firewall

StackBlitz protects the local operating system and the enterprise network because all compute occurs in Chrome's memory sandbox. Without requiring OS Admin access, developers are empowered to acquire the tools they need without risking the security of their machine and larger enterprise network. All IDE plug-ins remain in the browser inherently protecting the local system files and memory.


Virtual Private Cloud

Built-in security

Code never leaves your VPN
Protects the local system's OS and the enterprise network
Empowers developers without requiring OS Admin privileges

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