Expium Chain

Customized Jira Configuration

In this customized consulting engagement we will optimize and transform your current Jira configuration to fit your unique requirements, completing what takes many organizations years to accomplish. Our team of experts have deep technical experience configuring all Jira instances, including Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Work Management.


We begin by working closely with your Jira operations/administration staff, as well as a handful of key stakeholders, to prepare for the engagement. We will:

  • Request any needed access.
  • Gain initial understanding of your organizational goals related to Jira.
  • Request a copy of your current workflows, if you have an existing Jira instance.
  • Request any materials which may exist to learn more about your operations.
  • Coordinate scheduling of stakeholder meetings.

Minimum Viable Product

While we can work with any scheduling constraints, we have seen the greatest client success by focusing on completing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on a condensed timeline via a series of initial online collaborative work sessions. The MVP may be a team project or specific configuration solution, such as standardizing permission schemes. This enables us to establish a solid relationship and understanding of core needs while empowering the customer to quickly achieve tangible success.

  • Hold online work sessions with stakeholders, either in groups or individually, according to availability. Depending on the complexity and staff, typically meeting with 5 to 12 stakeholders is ideal.
  • Using best practices, design custom issue types, fields, workflows, and external products to achieve the organizational goals.
  • Assist in deploying the workflow to a test environment.
  • Expium’s hybrid consulting/coaching model enables customers to learn and take ownership of their Jira platform.

After building the MVP, we work through and wrap up the design effort and support your transition:

  • Online meetings with any stakeholders unable to coordinate during the initial work.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify any nuances missed in the first version.
  • Complete any aspects of the design and make any necessary adjustments that have come up in the interim.
  • Iterate on design for additional projects, automation, and other enhancements.
  • Further support your staff with any questions about how to deploy to a Jira test environment or how to migrate a Jira production environment.


The concrete deliverables include:

  • Documents as necessary describing the detailed configuration needs for the specific Jira instance, and the detailed configuration of the Jira platform setup as delivered, and user manuals.
  • Jira platform (in a test environment) implemented as described.
  • Engagement structure using a shared Confluence instance for artifacts.
  • Training of key admin staff via build-out sessions.
  • “Quick start” user guide.


We focus on several aspects of quality as we implement best practices in your environment:

  • Maintaining infrastructure performance.
  • Avoiding unnecessary complications.
  • Separating out different types of work into custom issue types.
  • Maintaining an audit trail of activity associated with a particular piece of work.
  • AAdjusting roles, permissions, notifications, and security schemes.

Please note that the finished quality of the final product is heavily driven by the engagement and information gathered from the stakeholders.


We offer this Jira service as a fixed-price engagement for customers in the continental US. Contact us to discuss this service or other options.