Expium Chain

Business transformations with Atlassian tools

When we introduce Atlassian products to a new business, inefficiencies and dependencies can quickly surface, revealing a need for a transformation. Transformations can be tough, and require a nuanced, experienced approach. An agile approach.

Defining what needs to be done Agile transformations are more than

getting everyone in a room for training. Each company is as unique as its individuals, so each company requires a tailored approach. The first step is to confirm your values and expectations, and the values and expectations of your clients by discussing business needs and desired outcomes with stakeholders, interviewing employees across all levels, and observing workflows. From there, we create a customized transition plan for your company. ## Making the shift Now it’s time to form teams, train them on getting the most out of their new Atlassian tools, and coach individuals through their first few iterations. This is also the time to introduce Scrum master and Product Owner training. ## Continuing success Once the initial shift has been made, documentation and tools are created to maintain the new Agile culture. Retrospectives with management and regular spot coaching all support the sustainability of Agile with Atlassian.