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Reveal for Confluence exports fragments of Confluence content for integration with external applications.

Just wrap the relevant fragments of pages or blog posts in the Reveal macro, and they will be exposed via a RESTful API and as ready-to-use HTML snippets.

Reveal Demonstration


Export Confluence content and use in your application
Easy integration and security
Consume anywhere (CORS enabled)

Two API endpoints

Reveal provides two kinds of API endpoints:

  • A JSON list of all fragments from all pages. Each fragment includes meta information about its Confluence content, a short unformatted preview, and a complete, ready-to-use HTML rendering.
  • Each individual fragment is also available via a unique URL as JSON or HTML.
Reveal Exported Fragments
Reveal Json

Consume anywhere… because it’s CORS enabled

All resources support CORS (cross-origin resource sharing), making it possible to consume the data directly from a client-side web application. Of course, feeds can also be consumed by server-side code.

The resources are available to all clients and applications which can reach Confluence.

If your Confluence instance is not reachable from the Internet, then the URL-based resources will only be reachable by applications and devices operating in allowed networks.

Depending on network configuration and security policy, it may be possible to allow traffic by URL pattern (without opening up the entire Confluence installation) or by setting up a proxy.

Reveal for Confluence

Confluence Server Documentation

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