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Portfolio Management

Optimize ROI by balancing change initiatives with business-as-usual.


Gain full transparency for your enterprise

  • Implement Jira Align, Advanced Roadmaps, or a custom Jira solution
  • Optimize an existing instance of Jira Align or Advanced Roadmaps
  • Create Playbooks customized for your process and tools
  • Enable leaders, administrators, and users with live workshop-based training
  • Support your tool with administration services from Expium

Expium has implemented and supported portfolio management solutions for both large and small enterprises across a variety of industries. Our experts will help you choose and configure the right tools for your organization, meeting the enterprise where it is today, and designing for tomorrow.

Our experts manage engagements transparently using Jira and Confluence, providing visibility into progress, risk, and impediments.


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Agile Play List

Learn about the latest updates in Jira Align from Expium

Expium explains what both Jira Align administrators and end-users should expect with the latest Jira Align release.


Project Portfolio Management (PPM) with Atlassian

In this 1-hour webinar, Expium's Atlassian Certified Experts demonstrate Atlassian's most popular portfolio management tools--Advanced Roadmaps, Jira Align, etc.--to help you discover which solution is right for your organization. Join us for our next webinar on May 9, 2024!

Introduction to Jira Align

In this 1-hour webinar, Expium's dual SAFe® Program Consultant and Atlassian Certified Experts demonstrate Atlassian's agile-at-scale solution, Jira Align. Explore tool functionality at each enterprise layer, see how it connects team execution through enterprise strategy, and learn what to expect in an implementation. Join us for our next webinar on Mar 14, 2024!

Leading the Way: Tech Talks that Shape Tomorrow

In this 1-hour webinar, join our panel of tech visionaries as we delve into the dynamic world of cutting-edge technology. From AI and automation to blockchain and cybersecurity, we'll explore the relevant tech topics that are shaping the future. Our experts provide insightful discussions and practical examples, showcasing real-world solutions that empower you to navigate and leverage the transformative potential of emerging technologies. Get ready to gain valuable insights towards a successful future in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Join us for our next webinar on !

Customer success

"Speaking from experience, Expium is a tremendous partner that brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table to implement Jira Align according to your key objectives and business priorities... Would highly recommend them!" — Damien Stojovic, Asst Director of Agile Practices, Northwestern Mutual Five Star

Expium's approach to portfolio management

At Expium, we strive to empower our clients to succeed beyond our engagements. This means bringing value to every interaction, proactively identifying and solving our client’s underlying challenges, building custom solutions when off-the-shelf won’t do, and approaching every engagement with empathy and transparency.

Expium supports your portfolio management by designing solutions that work with your organization's processes today, and that can be scaled for the future. Our experts design frictionless solutions to increase adoption and transparency within your organization, matching your unique needs. Expium walks the entire journey with you, through discovery, licensing, proof-of-concept, rapid iteration, and end-user training.

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Discover time and cost savings through consolidation, co-terming, and migration of your essential licenses.

Portfolio Management Experts

Instructor Photo

Steve Terelmes

Practice Lead, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Professional

Instructor Photo

Bryan Darr

Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Expert

Instructor Photo

Scott Price

Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Expert

Instructor Photo

Elizabeth Wheeler

Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Professional

Instructor Photo

Vicky Murphy

Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Professional

Instructor Photo

Tony Hartsfield

Business Process Consultant and Atlassian Certified Professional

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