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Jira Boot Camp

Master Jira, don't just manage it.
Workshop-based Jira training for professionals who need more.

Jira Boot Camp
Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP) Instructors

Training toward these certifications

Speed adoption of Jira

Improve usability of Jira

  Make effective workflows
  Increase productivity of your teams
  Get your questions answered
Jira class specs

Get hands on with Jira

  3 days, 7-8 hours per day
  ⅓ lecture, ⅔ in-depth coaching
  Build your own working system

Jira Boot Camp

The suite of Jira applications from Atlassian are a great set of tools. This class covers the use of Jira Software and Jira Core in depth. We will also introduce the basics of Jira Service Management, Jira Portfolio, Jira Align, and Confluence. You will leave this Jira Training class with 3 days of intense hands-on learning. At the end of the class, advanced Jira certification should be within your grasp. We have found learning Jira while being coached by experienced project management professionals is extremely effective. You will find this Jira course is unique in its approach to helping you learn Jira.

We offer public, private, and online classes to meet your needs. We also offer extended consulting around a class and bundling of Confluence Boot Camp and Atlassian User Academy for our private class clients.

Goal: For students to be equipped to competently configure Jira.

Days 1-2: Building understanding

We will focus on establishing the context you need to be effective. Jira is a powerful tool and understanding its strengths, and deconstructing your own needs can lead you to a more successful implementation. We will also be going over some of the nuances of Jira. This is a platform that while fairly intuitive, has some areas where legacy understanding is valuable.

Days 2-3: Building your instance

We will help you make Jira work the way you need it to in your instance: configuring projects, users, workflows, filters, dashboards, and agile boards. Understanding when to use built in features or add-ons to solve problems. In a lab environment we will support you through the initial efforts at workflow customization, notification schemes, security schemes, roles and groups configuration, custom fields, and many other elements.

Class topics: Depth and order to be determined by questionnaire.

Public Class Dates

Jira Boot Camp

Ramp up fast with this 3-day hands on, workshop based, deep dive into Atlassian's benchmark and most popular product.

Online, Live Instructor-led Classes

DateOnline Start TimeTickets
Jan 24-26, 2022 9 am CST
Mar 7-10, 2022 9 am CST
Private Online Class, Your DatesYour TimeContact Us


Instructor Photo

Steve Terelmes

Practice Lead, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Professional

Instructor Photo

Bryan Darr

Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Expert

Instructor Photo

Scott Price

Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Expert

Instructor Photo

Jason Kidner

Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Professional

Instructor Photo

Conner McNeil

Systems Engineer and Atlassian Certified Professional

Instructor Photo

Vicky Bottorff

Solutions Architect, SPC, and Atlassian Certified Professional

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