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We're ready to hear about your project needs anytime, whether in early planning or already in production. Someone will get back to you shortly.

Our team can help you navigate our public and private training as well as consulting needs. For Training please help us understand the desired timeline for training along with the number of students.

For Projects please think about the following and share what information is available.

  • Goals: What business problems can Atlassian’s products solve for your organization?
  • History and context: What systems are serving your users' needs now?
  • Integration: What other systems will need to be integrated into the solution?
  • Timeline: When do you need to "go live"?
  • Budget: What is the financial situation of the project? Many projects can be scaled down to bare minimum functionality, or expanded to market-leading functionality, depending on the budget available.

... but we can help you with all of that, contact us at any stage.

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