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User Adoption = Success

close-up of automobile engine or transmission steel gear box

System Administrators often find themselves caught trying to fulfill the promises and hype that come with a new system purchase. As ERP companies learned the hard way over the last twenty years, a system is only as good as its user adoption. Metrics cannot flow to management without individual users, on a consistent basis, doing […]

JIRA: A Fluid Interface


Strategies for successfully traversing the ever shifting Atlassian UI Atlassian’s JIRA is a fascinating platform for me to use, teach about, and study. I have been working with computers since I was a child in the 80’s. My parents did not buy an Atari game machine when they were popular, we bought an Atari 400 […]

Our organization is struggling to adopt standard agile terminology, we simply use our own terms. Can we use JIRA to support this?

JIRA fields, columns on agile boards, screens, and issue types are all customizable. I encourage companies to use terms that mean something to the team vs using blanket terminology. The easiest example is a “stand up meeting” instead of a “scrum”. Most people do not understand the word scrum outside of rugby so it makes […]